Listening to and working with our young people

There is no doubt that among the young voting is decreasing.  We all know it's a problem but no-one really knows what's causing it.  In an age when we have more means of communicating our message it seems odd that it's not getting through.  It's not just the Conservative Party but all Parties.


Simon Says:

Our plan is getting Britain back to work

Creating jobs is at the heart of our plan, and the plan is working - with employment now at an all-time high. Over 1,000 jobs have been created every day since 2010 - and there are now 2 million more people in work.Every

Crime down by more than a quarter

Our action plan and the hard work of the Police means that crime is down by more than a quarter - the lowest level on record.SHARE this to let friends know.

The SNP's ransom note to Ed Miliband

"More taxes. More borrowing. More debt"This is the SNP's ransom note to Ed Miliband - and you'll pay for it. SHARE to let friends know.