The WHY of Politics

This morning over breakfast we were listening to Radio 4 and my youngest daughter, Laura (7), asked ‘Why?’ when she heard something said.  I asked her what she meant and she replied that she wanted to know why what had been said was, as the interviewer claimed, ‘important’.  Her question got me t

Dorset Waste Partnership - Christmas Collections

Dorset Waste Partnership have published their Christmas and New Year Rubbish and Re-cyling schedule.  Do have a look at it so you know when to put out your rubbish during the holiday season.



Seven Dorset MPs have today (Monday 26th February 2018) issued the following statement:

“We are delighted by the Government’s announcement that the proposals to slim down local government in Dorset have been approved. While the process has been long the prize has been worth it.

Simon Hoare met with Dorset Dairy Company

Great to meet Dan and Alex of the Dorset Dairy Co based near Stalbridge.  Producing the highest quality natural yoghurt from their own herd. This is the future of farming.  Great to see the next generation in agriculture and adding value to their milk.