• I use the NHS and do not have private medical insurance
  • I think the NHS is the most vital public service Government provides
  • My aunt, uncle, mother in law and father in law have all worked in the NHS
  • My 3 daughters were born in NHS hospitals and effectively saved the life of my youngest daughter who was born prematurely.  I’ve a lot to thank the NHS for
  • Free at the point of use is a ‘sacred’ principle which I support
  • Medical science is making huge advances which is to be supported but it also produces a huge cost pressure on the NHS, balances always need to be struck
  • Better integration between the NHS and county council social services is key and I welcome the idea being put forward of a cross-Party concordat to work on this as clearly it is not an issue which is solvable within a 5 year Parliament
  • Labour introduced the private element of NHS care ie looking to non NHS providers to deliver care and tender for contracts while maintaining the free at the point of use principle.  No one is going to reverse that.  Indeed I find talking to people that people do not mind who provides the care/cure as long as it’s free at the point of use, is of good quality and it resolves their problem(s) in a timely way
  • The NHS should not be weaponised as Mr Miliband would advocate; it is too precious for that