Simon Hoare MP

Simon Hoare was elected as the Member of Parliament for North Dorset in May 2015. Simon lives in the constituency with his wife and three daughters who attend a local school.

Simon was born in Cardiff in 1969 where he attended local state schools and then read Modern History at Oxford University; the first of his family to do so. He served as a local Councillor for 11 years.

Simon is now the full-time Member of Parliament for North Dorset, where he divides his time between Westminster and the constituency. Simon says: ‘local people will find me out and about in North Dorset listening to, and working with, local people.’

Since his election, Simon has been working hard to ensure the delivery of better broadband, mobile ‘phone coverage and road infrastructure; to support farmers and the rural way of life; and to encourage the growth of the local economy and the provision of good jobs in North Dorset.

Simon is frequently seen in the House of Commons speaking on matters of local and national importance and he works hard to raise awareness of issues on behalf of his constituents.

He has been elected Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Multiple Sclerosis, Vice Chairman of the Dairy APPG, Vice Chairman of the Rural Affairs APPG, Vice Chairman of the Thalidomide APPG, Vice Chairman of the Complex Regional Pain Disorder APPG and a Parliamentary Champion for Breast Cancer and Arthritis. Additionally, he is a member of the Military Covenant APPG and Woodland and Bees APPG.


If you need help with any issue, please do not hesitate to contact Simon:

t:    Westminster   0207 219 2787

      Constituency  01258 452585