Simon Hoare

Parliamentary Candidate for North Dorset

Simon Hoare lives in the constituency with his wife and three daughters who attend a local school. Simon was born in Cardiff in 1969 where he attended local state schools and then read Modern History at Oxford University; the first of his family to do so. He served as a local Councillor for 11 years.

Jane Somper

Deputy Chairman - Finance & Membership
Dorset Councillor for Beacon Ward

Pauline Batstone

Deputy Chairman - Political
Dorset Councillor for Blackmore Ward

Born and brought up on Dorset farms, Pauline Batstone has been active in politics since she was 18. Pauline was elected to Dorset Council in May 2019 and is currently the Chairman of the Council. Having retired in 2009, Pauline worked in Dorset for most of her life, in the Probation Service and f

Spencer Flower

Leader of Dorset Council
Dorset Councillor for Verwood Ward