Simon Hoare MP visits The Forum School in Shillingstone

At the invitation of Andrew Orth, Assistant Head, Simon Hoare MP visited the Forum School in Shillingstone to learn about the school and the young people with complex  Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and other conditions,  who benefit from the care and teaching that they provide.   After a discussion about the work of The Forum School with Head, Clive Padgett,  David Keeton and Andrew Orth, Simon was then introduced to the School Council and participated in their weekly meeting, before having a tour of the facilities and boarding houses.

Simon said, “We are so lucky to have a school such as this in North Dorset.  The work that the teaching staff and carers do with the 40 or so children who live at the Forum School is quite phenomenal.  It is really important that every child is assisted to achieve their very best, so they may go on to live as independent a life as possible.”